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The Voice Studio

Teach the Teacher Training

 Are you a classically trained voice teacher with Musical Theater students?


Do you feel overwhelmed at times keeping up with the current trends and information around vocal pedagogy?


Have you neglected your own vocal studies due to a demanding teaching schedule?


Are you feeling like you need new ideas, or language to use in the studio?


Kevin Wilson, master teacher/vocal pedagogue, is now offering online lessons to help you! Whether you just want to vocalize and sing or you want to get some new ideas around your teaching, this was created for you. Lessons are based on your desired outcome. 


Lessons Topics


Anatomy and Physiology and Use in the Voice Studio


Voice Assessment 


Voice Discovery and Play around new sounds 


Creating Vocal Exercises


Getting Physical: A Breathing Bootcamp


Breathing for Singing: One way?  No Way!


Building Musical Theater Voices


Transitioning from Classical to Musical Theater


Cross-Training (Classical and Musical Theater


Warming Up and Warming Down


Vocal Health


Dealing with Muscle Tension Dysphonia